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American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI,USA, the American Concrete Institute is advancing concrete knowledge by conducting seminars, managing certification programs, and publishing technical documents. The American Concrete Institute currently has 98chapters and over 20,000 members spanning 108 countries.
AMM provides exclusive news and pricing information for the ferrous and nonferrous metals markets with a focus on North America and world markets where applicable. Working with PTI and CRSI, AMM publishes price indicators on its website designed to reflect the relative price movements in three grades of steel: rebar, low carbon rod (used for mesh) and high carbon rod (used for prestressing strand.)The higher the number, the higher the price of the steel. The value of100 represents the average price over an 18-month period from March2007.  
ASBI was incorporated in 1989 as a nonprofit organization to provide a forum where owners, designers, constructors, and suppliers can meet to further refine current design, construction and construction management procedures, and evolve new techniques that will advance the quality and use of concrete segmental bridges.

Official Co-Sponsor of the 2010 PTI Technical Conference. For more than 50 years, concrete contractors have relied on CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION as their key information resource on construction methods, technical information, and product updates. Each issue reaches companies nationwide that are actively involved in structural engineering, design, specifications, use, placement, and concrete repair.

Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative (CJSI)

Formed in the spring of 2009, the Concrete Joint Sustainability Initiative represents over 20 associations that, as a group, will concentrate on the sustainable development applications of all concrete structures. It aims to project a unified industry front and present a common message.The Initiative is not an organization; it has no staff. Officers and staff members of its partner associations attend meetings. These staff representatives are relied on to carry out its activities. Member task groups have been created to develop and implement current program objectives. The three charter organizations- American Concrete Institute (ACI), Portland Cement Association (PCA), and National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA)- function as its steering committee,with PCA’s Vice Chair and ACI’s President serving as meeting Chair and Vice Chair, respectively.

National Concrete Bridge Council (NCBC)

The National Concrete Bridge Council is a council of allied industry organizations dedicated to: promote quality in concrete bridge construction; gather and disseminate information on design,construction, and condition of concrete bridges; establish communication with federal and state departments of transportation,city and county public works departments, and consulting engineers,and provide information on behalf of the concrete industries to codes and standards groups.

The HP CIP Consortium is a cross section of construction professionals representing contractors, vendors,tradespeople and the engineering community, working together to educate the public, and promote the use of high performance cast-in-place concrete construction.

PTA's objectives are to: 1) promote the use of post-tensioning in buildings, bridges,silos and tanks, ground floor slabs and other structural types throughout the UK construction industry, 2) promote best practice in the design, procurement and execution of post-tensioned structures, 3) support and take part in research and development to improve the efficiency and technical capabilities of post-tensioning, 4) support high quality in PT construction through the CARES QA scheme and other relevant bodies, and5) support safe working practices throughout the UK PT industry and to maintain high levels of training.





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