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Advantages of precast segmental bridge construction include:

  •  The economy of precast prestressed concrete construction is extended to a span range of 100 to 400 feet (30 to 120 m). Longer spans may be economical where use of heavy erection equipment is feasible.
  • Precast segments may be fabricated while the substructure is being built, and rapid erection of the superstructure can be achieved.
  • Higher quality control because of the repetitive industrialized manufacturing techniques, with the inherent potential of achieving high-performance concrete.
  • Minimal interference with Bridge Environment: The need for false work is eliminated and all erection may be accomplished from the top of the completed portions of the bridge. This may be of particular importance for high-level crossings or in cases where it is necessary to minimize interference with the bridge environment.
  • The effects of creep and shrinkage are substantially minimized through the use of precast segments that have matured to full strength.





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