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Project of the Year: San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge New East Span Skyway

Location: Oakland, CA
Submitted by: T.Y. Lin International
Owner: California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
Architect(s): n/a
Engineer(s): T.Y. Lin International/Moffatt & Nichol, Joint Venture
Contractor: Kiewit/FCI/Manson, Joint Venture
PT Supplier: Schwager Davis, Inc. (SDI)
Other Contributors: n/a

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Award of Excellence – West 7th Street Bridge

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Submitted by: Texas Department of Transportation
Owner: City of Fort Worth
Architect(s): n/a
Engineer(s): Texas Department of Transportation
Contractor: SUNDT Construction, Inc.
PT Supplier: VSL Structural
Other Contributors: Aluma Systems, Inc.; Burkhalter Rigging, Inc.; GST Manufacturing; Hamilton Form Company; Heldenfels Enterprises, Inc.; Infinity Engineering, USA, Inc.; LUSAS; RJ Watson, Inc.; TXI, Inc.

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Award of Excellence – Parkland Replacement Hospital

Location: Dallas, TX
Submitted by: Datum Engineers
Owner: Parkland Health & Hospital System
Architect(s): HDR and Corgan Associates
Engineer(s): Datum Engineers, Gojer & Associates, and AG&E
Contractor: BARA (A joint venture Balfour Beatty, Austin Commercial, H.J. Russell & Company, & Azteca Enterprises)
PT Supplier: VSL
Other Contributors: Concrete & Shoring Contractor; Capform, Inc.; Reinforcing Steel Supplier; CMC Rebar
Concrete Supplier: TXI and Southern Star Concrete

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Award of Merit – Dumptop Residence

Location: Dallas, TX
Submitted by: Datum Engineers
Owner: Mary Cook
Architect: Booziotis & Company Architects
Engineer(s): Datum Engineers, Inc.
Contractor(s): Sebastian Construction Group
PT Supplier: Ready Cable, Inc.
Other Contributors: Concrete Forming Sub – BEAM Concrete Construction, Inc.

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Award of Excellence: Glacier Skywalk

Location: Jasper National Park, AB, Canada
Submitted by: Dywidag-Systems International Canada
Owner: Brewster Travel Canada
Architect(s): Sturgess Architecture
Engineer(s): Read Jones Christofferson Engineering Calgary
Contractor: PCL Construction Management
PT Supplier: Dywidag-Systems International Canada
Other Contributors: BAT Construction, BOVA Steel, Josef Gartner

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Award of Merit: Twin Vehicular Jacked Box Tunnels

Location: Lynchburg, VA
Submitted by: Dywidag-Systems International USA, Inc.
Owner: Liberty University
Architect(s): n/a
Engineer(s): Brierley Associates
Contractor: Southland Contracting
PT Supplier: Dywidag-Systems International USA, Inc.
Other Contributors: TGS Engineers, Norfolk Southern Railroad

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Award of Excellence: Tapiola Central Parking Facility

Location: Espoo, Finland
Submitted by: Sweco Structures Finland
Owner: Apiolan Keskuspysäköinti Oy
Architect(s): Arkkitehtitoimisto Hkp Oy
Engineer(s): Sweco Structures Finland
Contractor: SRV Rakennus Oy
PT Supplier: Lemminkäinen Infra Oy (MK4 Unbonded System)
Other Contributors: n/a

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Award of Excellence: SBR Tank #1 Repairs

Location: Mount Carmel, PA
Submitted by: Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.
Owner: Mount Carmel Municipal Authority
Architect(s): n/a
Engineer(s): Thorton Thomasetti, Inc.
Contractor: Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.
PT Supplier: Dywidag-Systems International
Other Contributors: n/a

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Award of Merit: Dover Dam Safety Assurance – Phase 1 & 2

Location: Dover, OH
Submitted by: Brayman Construction Corporation
Owner: Brayman Construction Corporation
Architect(s): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District
Engineer(s): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington District
Contractor: Brayman Construction Corporation
PT Supplier: Williams Form (Phase 1), DSI (Phase 2)
Other Contributors: n/a

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Award of Excellence: Sky View Parc Tennis Facility

Location: Flushing, NY
Submitted by: Classic Turf Company, LLC
Owner: Sky View Parc
Architect(s): Moss Gilday Group
Engineer(s): Classic Turf Company, LLC
Contractor: Classic Turf Company, LLC
PT Supplier: Builders Post Tensioning
Other Contributors: n/a

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Award of Merit: New Canaan High School Tennis Courts

Location: New Canaan, CT
Submitted by: R.S Site & Sports
Owner: Town of New Canaan CT
Architect(s): n/a
Engineer(s): Bryan Nesteriak
Contractor: R.S. Site & Sports
PT Supplier: VSL Structural
Other Contributors: Hinding Tennis, LLC, and Gateway Fence and Guardrail

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