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2016 PTI AMSYSCO Scholarships
AMSYSCO Scholarship Application
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2016 PTI AMSYSCO Scholarships

This award was established in 2011 by AMSYSCO, Inc. to commemorate the company's 30 years in the post‐tensioning industry. In announcing this scholarship program in 2011, AMSYSCO owner, Rattan Khosa remarked "AMSYSCO completed 30 years in business. Only in this great country America, one can come with just $8 and later start a business in a basement. Over the years I have been returning to the community, part of what I make every year, through my private foundation named after my parents. I thought it was time that I did something for the post tensioning industry. It will be great to award scholarships through PTI."

Two scholarship recipients will receive:

  • $2,500 each towards the Winter/Spring 2016 school term.
  • A complimentary trip to 2016 PTI Convention (includes full-registration, travel, and incidentals) 
  • Recognition at the 2016 PTI Awards Dinner; on the PTI website; and in the PTI JOURNAL


  • Full‐time student during entire scholarship year in the U.S. or Canada.
  • Graduate or Undergraduate Students with a minimum of 3 years completed coursework.
  • Study area in the area of concrete structures with an emphasis on structural design, materials, construction, or any combination thereof with a clear focus on post-tensioning design and application. Graduate research in post‐tensioned concrete design and application will be considered.
  • Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA in a bachelor's or master's program from an institution of higher education which is accredited by the responsible regional or national agency
  • All applicants must be proficient in the English language. If English is not your native language, a written statement must be attached to this application attesting to this proficiency.

Application and Required Information:

Key Dates:

  • December 21, 2015 – Deadline for returning application and required information
  • January 31, 2016 – Scholarship recipients announced
  • April 25, 2016 – 2016 PTI Awards Dinner

Recipients of the 2015 PTI AMSYSCO Scholarships:

Natassia Brenkus - University of Florida

Natassia earned her Masters of Engineering specializing in structural engineering in 2013. During the next several years of her doctoral work, she will be investigating alternative, non-cementitious filler materials for post-tensioning tendons. Following her research she anticipates moving forward into an academic research position, from which she can continue to research and contribute to the field of post-tensioned concrete.

Philip Six - Utah State University

Philip is in pursuit of his Master's degree in civil engineering at Utah State University, with an emphasis in structural engineering. After completing his research and thesis, he hopes to further expand his experience with post-tensioning by entering the workforce through as structural design firm that participates in the design of post-tensioned concrete slabs.

Recipients of the 2014 Convention Scholarship

The 2014 Convention marked the inaugural year of the PTI Convention Scholarship. The scholarship was designed to foster the involvement of emerging industry professionals and graduate students who many not otherwise have the financial means to attend PTI Conventions. The four scholarship recipients were given complimentary convention registrations and $500 to offset travel and hotel expenses. At the convention, each recipient was assigned to a "mentor" who assisted in answering questions, making introductions, and ensuring that the recipient got the most out of their first PTI Convention experience. Due to the success of this first year, the program will be continued in 2015. The four scholarship recipients describe their first PTI Convention experiences below.

Recipients of the 2014 PTI Convention Scholarships:

Chris Hessek

"I want to formally thank the Post Tensioning Institute for awarding me a scholarship to attend this year's convention in Norfolk. The three days that I spent at the convention were extremely valuable in my development as a young design engineer.   The many technical sessions I attended presented material that was very relevant to my day-to-day design work. The committee meetings I sat in on provided a stimulating look into the hard work that the committee members put into developing PTI standards and publications. I was also able to network with countless contractors, suppliers, and fellow engineers during my time at the convention.    I can assure you that the scholarship program was successful in its objective of fostering the involvement of young professionals in the post-tensioning industry."


Kyle Boyd

"I am very grateful for the sponsored opportunity to attend the 2014 PTI Conference in Virgina. My assigned mentor, Ken Bondy, did a great job introducing me to other members and proving the passion for post-tensioned design possessed by everyone present. Seeing the logistics of how committee meetings are governed and the results that are produced was very informative and eye opening. I enjoyed listening to technical sessions and the wide range of topics presented. As a current graduate student, the convention was a great opportunity to network with individuals that were legends in the industry while also meeting similar young engineers. I strongly look forward to attending future conventions and becoming a contributing member to PTI. I would also like to thank PTI for the sponsorship and hope to see the scholarship continued as it was a great opportunity for young engineers."


Nelson "Junior" Stanley

"It was an incredible experience, and for that I want to first thank PTI. As a young engineer traveling from Paraguay, it would have been impossible for me to attend the convention in Norfolk without the Institute's scholarship program. Through the committee meetings that I was able to participate in, I could see how similar our day to day work is. I had the opportunity to hear much more experienced colleague's opinions about really important design issues, and as a young design engineer, those discussions and opinions are priceless. Through the technical sessions and exposition I had the opportunity to get more acquainted with PT systems applications, which are almost unknown in our country, like geotechnical applications. I would also like to thank Pete Scoppa, my assigned mentor, for sharing a lot of his time and experience with me, explaining how the industry works in the U.S. In the future, I look forward to attending PTI Conventions and participating as an active member of the institute to work together with a committee for the benefit of our industry. I hope that the scholarship program is continued in the future, so that the industry can continue to expand even more."


Jeremy Knois

"I cannot begin to express the depth of gratitude I owe to every individual that helped to make it possible for me to attend the PTI Convention through the new scholarship program. Every experience was exactly what I needed to further my knowledge of not only the industry and processes of post-tension slab on grade; but I also was able to make the industry connections that I lacked before. There are not enough good things that can be spoken about Harley Nethken, my convention mentor, regarding the way he guided my experience during those three days. The entire trip has fueled a passion in me to bring the post-tensioning industry to my region of the country, which is unaware of the cost effectiveness it can produce. I am confident the post-tensioning industry will be expanding in my area because of my attendance at the PTI convention. I will be looking forward to the next convention to measure my growth, personally and in post-tensioning, from the previous one. Thanks again to everyone that I met at the convention and to everyone that made it possible for my attendance."





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