Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector Workshop

This workshop is a 1-day workshop designed to certify Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspectors. This workshop will enhance the knowledge and capabilities of individuals involved in the inspection of multistrand and bonded post-tensioning (PT) systems for multistrand applications.

Workshop prerequisite to attend workshop

    • Attendance at Level 1 & 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Specialist Workshop

Requirements for "Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector" certification

    • Education – Minimum High School Diploma level or equivalent is required as inspectors need to perform some calculations during inspections and solve problems.
    • Training as Inspector – Construction related inspector certification is required; such inspector certification is available through ACI, ICC, NICET, and similar, or an attendance certificate from inspector training class. Only formal training classes open to others are acceptable.
    • Experience as Construction Inspector – Minimum 2 years of relevant concrete construction inspection experience is necessary. Documentation showing the attained experience is required.  
    • Level 1 & 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Specialist exam minimum score: 80%.  Level 2 Multistrand and Grouted PT Specialist certification is desirable but not required.
    • Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector workshop attendance (Typically the day after the Level 1 & 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Specialist workshop)
    • Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector exam minimum score: 80%


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    Scheduled Workshops

Gainesville, FL

March 9, 2019

Baltimore, MD

April 27, 2019

Location TBA

Minneapolis, MN

May 18, 2019

Location TBA

Sacramento, CA

June 8, 2019

Location TBA

Tallahassee, FL

July 13, 2019

Location TBA

Pittsburgh, PA

August 17, 2019

Location TBA

Austin, TX

November 16, 2019

Location TBA