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PTI DC10.2-17: Construction and Maintenance Manual for Post-Tensioned Slab-on-Ground Foundations
This manual provides guidance for builders, subcontractors, and field personnel involved in the i..
PTI DC80.3-12: Guide for Evaluation & Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures
This guide provides an introduction to the evaluation and repair of existing concrete structures ..
PTI M10.3-16: Field Procedures Manual for Unbonded Single Strand Tendons
This updated manual has been developed to provide guidance for field presonnel involved in the in..
PTI M10.3S-16: Manual de Procedimientos en Campo Para Tendones No Adheridos de un Toron
Este manual se ha escrito específicamente para ser aplicado al concreto estructural.  Los pr..
PTI DC80.2-10: Guide for Creating Openings and Penetrations in Existing Slabs with Unbonded Post-Tensioning
The purpose of this document is to demonstrate that making openings in existing post-tensioned sl..
PTI C30.1-03: Level 1 Unbonded PT - Field Installation
This manual is used in conjunction with PTI’s Level 1 Field Fundamentals training program and pro..
PTI C30.1S-06: Nivel 1 - Aspectos Basicos en Campo
Características: Se utiliza junto con el campo de entrenamiento del programa PTI Nivel 1 Fundamen..
PTI C30.2-02: Level 2 Unbonded PT Ironworker
This course builds upon the Level 1 – Field Installation (Fundamentals) Course, and is intended t..
PTI C30.3-06: Level 2 Unbonded PT Inspector
This manual is used in conjunction with PTI’s Level 2 Unbonded Post-Tensioning Inspector program...
PTI C30.4-07: Level 1-2 Bonded PT Field Installation
This manual is used in conjunction with PTI’s Bonded Post-Tensioning – Field Installation/Field S..
PTI DC10.3-06: Design and Construction of Post-Tensioned Sport Courts
This publication presents design and construction recommendations for post-tensioned slabs intend..
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