Strategic Plan

The PTI Board of Directors worked with an industry consultant to develop a strategic plan for the Institute. The principal goals and objectives of the plan are as follows:

The Vision: PTI will have a rich set of training and certification programs. We will expand our certification program, and will showcase the value of certification externally and internally. We will release new certification programs for slab-on-ground (SOG) installers. Certification revenue is steadily growing.

Key Objectives

    • Certification is a growing requirement of specifications
    • Quality of PT execution is steadily improving
    • Enforcement of certification is increasing
    • Income from certification programs is increasing and exceeds $600,000
    • SOG certification has been successfully launched
    • The value of PTI’s certification has been made tangible

The Vision: PTI will have programs that result in post-tensioning being introduced and taught in the majority of engineering colleges and universities in the U.S. Further, PTI will have a rich set of published material created and updated on a timely and regular basis as well as an annual technical conference that serves as a forum for the industry participants, stimulates and disseminates research, and provides a focus for communicating the message of post-tensioning advantages. PTI will have a periodic journal as well as awards program and educational venues will include business as well as technical tracks.

Key Objectives

    • The initial version of our packaged curriculum is in use in sufficient universities to test and verify it
    • We have marketed the prototype curriculum to the ACI faculty network
    • SOG design has been simplified

The Vision: We will achieve a unity of purpose through a proactive communications plan. Our communications programs will highlight our results and accomplishments, building trust. We will work to develop an enhanced feeling of solidarity and teamwork. We will put programs in place that maintain greater member retention and recruitment while increasing member participation. We will work to reclaim former members. PTI will have membership of at least 30 companies, 32 associates, 75 other, and 1,200 professional members. Key to success is ensuring that the leading industry professionals and corporations participate as members.

Key Objectives

    • All key members understand the value PTI provides
    • Member turnover declines
    • A myriad of communications vehicles are utilized to keep members informed
    • At least five new company-level members join
    • PTI is successful in communicating its value, leading to a rise in new membership applications
    • There is a measurable increase in membership satisfaction, trust, solidarity and teamwork

The Vision: Key to success is having a core of approximately five full- time professionals and related supporting staff. Staff will support and leverage the activities of a core of at least 60 active volunteer members who share the culture and core values of the Institute. Volunteers will be organized and managed to best align passion and competence and continuously develop the next generation of leadership. We will recruit, train, and retain volunteers who take action and produce results.

Key Objectives

    • We have set, measured, and are meeting all performance standards – member’s expectations are being met
    • The member/staff team is working effectively
    • There is teamwork, behavior consistent with mutual respect, trust, communications, civility, effective delegation, individual passion and motivation, etc.

The Vision: PTI is working hard to implement an aggressive, proactive marketing program to effectively promote the use of post-tensioning by targeting areas where members do not have the individual scale or credibility to market directly such as geographic areas not yet supporting post-tensioning and emerging markets like as bridges, and high rise buildings. One focus of such a marketing program will be the elimination of post-tensioning myths. Our marketing will be targeted on increasing post-tensioning tonnage to over 255,000 tons by 2010. Further, PTI will partner with other organizations who will benefit from this growth.

Key Objectives

    • We are fully executing our marketing plan: fully funded, targets set, measured, and reported, and we are achieving results
    • The Internet is a stronger resource - integrated with member websites, useful as a communications vehicle, the post tensioning source of choice, etc.
    • We have entered a significant new market such as industrial floors and are seeing rapid growth
    • We have strengthened our alliance with NAHB with tangible results that increase PT’s market penetration
    • We have strengthened multiple alliances producing tangible results such as increased market penetration