Level 1 & 2 Slab-on-Ground Installer & Inspector

This 2-day workshop is designed specifically for installation and inspection of single strand unbonded post-tensioning (PT) systems for residential and light commercial slabs-on-ground. It outlines the basic body of knowledge that should be possessed by all personnel involved in the installation and stressing of PT in these light foundation systems. 

Installer Work Affidavit

Inspector Work Affidavit

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Workshop / Certification Requirements

Workshop type, duration, and attendance prerequisites Certification achievable
from this workshop
Level 1 requirement Level 2 requirement
Exam score Field work
Exam score Field work experience
Level 1 & 2 Slab-on-Ground Installer & Inspector 
  • - Attendance prerequisites: none
- Level 1 Slab-on-Ground Installation
- Level 1 Slab-on-Ground Inspection
- Level 2 Slab-on-Ground Installer
- Level 2 Slab-on-Ground Inspector

Installer or Inspector certification awarded based on field work experience and exam type requested.  to switch to another certification type after initial certification, register for the "change" exam below
70% none 80% Total 500 hours of which

Total of 500 hours, of which minimum 150 hours in installation and a minimum 150 hours in stressing

Total of 500 hours, of which minimum 150 hours in installation inspection and a minimum 150 hours in stressing inspection



Change certification types

If you Score 80% or higher on the final exam, you are eligible for Level 2 SOG Installer or Inspector certification.  You are eligible to submit a field work affidavit for either Installer or Inspector (or to be certified in both if you submit field work experience for both).  At renewal, you may choose whether to maintain one certification, or both.  Please note that renewals require continuing field work experience affidavits.

Scheduled Workshops

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Houston Certification Week

May 9-10, 2024
Houston Marriott North

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Austin Certification Week

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