PTI Legends of Post-Tensioning

PTI's Legends of Post-Tensioning honor the members of PTI’s Hall of Fame. These individuals have all made a significant long-term contribution to the development of the post-tensioning industry in North America and were selected from among nominees put forth by the PTI membership.

The PTI Hall of Fame was established in 2005 as part of the PTI Awards Program to recognize the pioneers and “superstars” of the post-tensioning industry. The honorees are the first of many deserving individuals who have contributed to the industry’s success. It is planned that additional selections for the Hall of Fame will be made in the future on a biennial basis. Current "Legends" include:

Bijan Aalami
Charles Adams
Philip Arana
Florian Barth
James Beicker*
Kenneth Bondy
John Breen
Alfredo Bubion
Ned Burns*
James Cagley
Gregory Chacos
Gene Christian
Lucien Cloutier
John Crigler
Clifford Freyermuth*

Rene Friedrich
Jean-Philippe Fuzier
Jack Graves, Jr.
Neil Hawkins
Norris Hayes
Donald Illingworth
Rattan Khosa
Harold Long
Robert Lytton
Richard Martter
Alan Mattock*
Russell Price
Peter Reinhardt
Edward Rice*
Ed Schechter

Doug Schlegel
Morris Schupack*
Guido Schwager
Khaled Shawwaf
Allan Stubbs
Mario Suarez*
David Swanson*
Man-Chung Tang
Robert Tuttle
William Velzy*
H. Carl Walker
Merrill Walstad
C. Nicholas Watry
Edwin Workman*
Lawrence Yegge


2018 Legends of Post-Tensioning and PTI Hall of Fame Inductees

Russell Price

Guido Schwager