PTI Legends of Post-Tensioning

The PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning honors the members of PTI’s Hall of Fame. These individuals have made a significant long-term contribution to the development of the post-tensioning industry in affiliation with PTI. To be eligible for nomination as a PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning, individuals shall be a current or previous PTI Fellow.  

The PTI Hall of Fame was established in 2005 as part of the PTI Awards Program to recognize the pioneers and “superstars” of the post-tensioning industry.

Nomination Procedure

The PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning Selection Committee shall be formed biannually to review nominations from membership and shall be comprised of the current PTI Executive Committee, and three existing PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning recipients selected by the Executive Committee.

Nominations shall be made biannual during the nomination period by any current PTI member via a submission form on the PTI website. All submitted nominations shall be reviewed at the end of the nomination period by a meeting of the PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning Selection Committee who shall hold full authority to bestow the award.

Selection Procedure

A maximum of one PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning honor may be bestowed biannually in even numbered years. Final approval of recipients will be made by the PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning Selection Committee exclusively from nominations received from membership during the nomination period. Selection by the PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning Selection Committee shall be made by a simple majority vote.

Retention of Legend of Post-Tensioning Status

Recognition as a PTI Legend of Post-Tensioning is bestowed in perpetuity and is not dependent on retention of PTI membership.

Current "Legends" include:

Bijan Aalami
Charles Adams
Philip Arana
Florian Barth
James Beicker*
Kenneth Bondy
John Breen*
Alfredo Bubion
Ned Burns*
James Cagley
Gregory Chacos
Gene Christian
Lucien Cloutier
John Crigler
Clifford Freyermuth*

Rene Friedrich
Jean-Philippe Fuzier
Jack Graves, Jr.
Neil Hawkins
Norris Hayes*
Donald Illingworth
Rattan Khosa
Harold Long
Robert Lytton
Richard Martter*
Alan Mattock*
Russell Price
Peter Reinhardt
Edward Rice*
Ed Schechter

Doug Schlegel
Morris Schupack*
Guido Schwager
Khaled Shawwaf
Leo Spaans
Allan Stubbs*
Mario Suarez*
David Swanson*
Man-Chung Tang
Robert Tuttle*
William Velzy*
H. Carl Walker*
Merrill Walstad
C. Nicholas Watry
Edwin Workman*
Lawrence Yegge


2022 Legends of Post-Tensioning and PTI Hall of Fame Inductees

John Crigler

Norris Hayes

Doug Schlegel