Board of Directors

Institute Officers

Jack Graves, Jr.
PTI President
Builders Post-Tension
Gregory Hunsicker
PTI Vice President
OnPoint Engineering & Technology, LLC
Coy Williams
PTI Secretary
Consolidated Reinforcement, L.P., Inc.
Tony Johnson
PTI Executive Director

Board of Directors

Jonathan Hirsch
Affiliate Company Member Representative
Bentley Systems, Inc.
Brandon Brower
Associate Company Member Representative
Jobsite Stud Welding
Evan Langston
Associate Company Member Representative
Post Tech Manufacturing
David Martin
Chair of Certification Advisory Board (CAB)
General Technologies, Inc.

Don Kline
Chair of Technical Advisory Board (TAB)
Kline Engineering & Consulting
Asit Baxi
Consulting Company Member Representative
Baxi Engineering, Inc.
Frank Salzano
Contractor Company Member Representative
Ceco Concrete Construction, LLC
Martin Maingot
SCA Consulting Engineers

Todd Stevens
Post-Tensioning Institute Past President
Post Tension Solutions West, LLC
Jack Graves, Jr.
Post-Tensioning Institute President
Builders Post-Tension
Coy Williams
Post-Tensioning Institute Secretary
Consolidated Reinforcement, L.P., Inc.
Gregory Hunsicker
Post-Tensioning Institute Vice President
OnPoint Engineering & Technology, LLC

Harley Nethken
Post-Tensioning Supplier Company Member Representative
Tech-Con Systems, Inc.
Joshua Mecom
Prestressing Steel Supplier Company Member Representative
Sumiden Wire Products Corp.
Randy Plitt
Prestressing Steel Supplier Company Member Representative
Insteel Wire Products
Tony Childress
Professional Member Representative
Childress Engineering Services, Inc.

Martin Cuadra
Professional Member Representative
Uzun + Case, LLC
Frank Malits
Professional Member Representative
Cagley & Associates

Ricki Abney, Jr.
Houston Post Tension
Mike Andrade
LMS Reinforcing Steel Group
Horst Aschenbroich
Con-Tech Systems, LTD
Dan Buck
Suncoast Post-Tension Ltd.

Tommaso Ciccone
Sergio A. Dalmau, Jr.
PTE Systems International, Inc.
Marc Ducommon
Canadian BBR, Inc.
Dick Elkins
Elkins TriSteel

Antionette Greenlee
PostTensioning Reinforcing Services
David Hohman
Superior Post Tension
Rattan Khosa
Marc Khoury

Steve Kichefski
Commercial Metals Company
Dawn Kori
Post Tension Cables, Inc.
Chris Lemke
Ready Cable, Inc.
Milo Lopez
PPT Inc.

Andy Lynam
Phoenix Post-Tension
Andrew Micklus, Jr.
Freyssinet, LLC
Garrett Nackerud
Rose City Post Tension
Mark Patrick
Pacific Post-Tensioning

Dave Peters
Conco Reinforcing Steel
  Danny Raines
Post Tension Technologies, LLC
Christian Roemschied
Dywidag-Systems International USA, Inc.

Warley Santos
Belgo Bekaert Arames
Michael Schwager
Schwager-Davis, Inc.
Pete Scoppa
David Scurlock
Pacific Steel Group

Pete Speier
Williams Form Engineering Corp.
Robert Sward
Structural Technologies, Inc.
Derek Tuttle
Post-Tension Services of Texas
Adam Vance
Advanced Post Tension, LLC

Chris Wilkinson
Nucor Skyline

Board-level Committees

BD-100 - Board of Directors
CRT-140 - Certification Advisory Board
TAB-120 - Technical Advisory Board
EX-105 - Executive Committee
FAC-100 - Finance Advisory Committee
EDC-130 - Education Committee
MKT-150 - Marketing Committee
MBR-160 - Membership Committee

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