Established in 1976, the Post-Tensioning Institute is recognized as the world-wide authority on post-tensioning. PTI is dedicat­ed to expanding post-tensioning applications through marketing, education, research, teamwork, and code development while advancing the quality, safety, efficiency, profitability, and use of post-tensioning systems.

Members of the Institute include major post-tensioning material fabricators in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and manufacturers of prestressing materials in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Asia and Europe, and companies supplying materials, services and equipment used in post-tensioned construction. In addition, PTI has more than 500 professional engineers, architects and contractors.

PTI strives to provide a variety of meaningful benefits to its members. We are continuously adding, enhancing and reviewing new benefits to each of our membership categories.

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Membership Types

Organizational-Level Membership

  • Post-Tensioning Supplier
  • Prestressing Supplier
  • Associate
  • Affiliate
  • Contractor Company
  • Consulting Company
  • Association

Professional (Individual) Membership

  • Design Professional
  • Construction Professional
  • Government Employee
  • Academic
  • Other Professional Services
  • Retired Professional
  • International Professional