Committee Application









Are you a PTI Member?

I hereby apply for membership on the following Committee(s) of PTI. I understand that if appointed I will be expected to attend meetings, return ballots, reply to correspondence, actively participate in committee work, and contribute technical information.  

Board Committees
BD-100* Board of Directors
CRT-140* Certification Advisory Board
EDC-130 Education Committee
EX-105* Executive Committee
FAC-100* Finance Committee
MBR-160 Membership Committee
MKT-150 Marking Committee
TAB-120* Technical Advisory Board
Certification Committees
CRT-20* Unbonded Tendon Plant Certification Committee
CRT-30 Unbonded PT Personnel Certification Committee
CRT-40 Multistrand & Grouted PT Personnel Certification Committee
CRT-60 Unbonded PT Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Personnel Certification Committee
CRT-70 PT Systems Qualification Testing and Certification Committee
Technical Committees
DC-10 Slab-on-Ground Committee
DC-20 Building Design Committee
DC-20A BIM Subcommittee
DC-25 Parking Structure Committee
DC-35 Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchor Committee
PTI/ASBI DC-40 Bridge Design Committee
DC-45 Cable Stayed Bridge Committee
DC-80 Repair, Rehabilitation and Strengthening Committee
M-10 Unbonded Tendon Committee
PTI/ASBI M-50 Multistrand and Bar Post-Tensioning Committee
M-50A Flexible Filler Subcommittee
M-55 Grouting Committee
RD-100 Research and Development Committee
* Committee membership by appointment only - contact staff

PTI membership is required (may be waived by TAB/CAB for Associate Members).

An applicant for Voting Member status must have actively participated in committee work as an Associate Member for at least one year prior as a prerequisite.

My background and related experience which will make me an asset to the committee are as follows:

Other concrete industry organizations and/or committee memberships and activities: