Level 1 & 2 Multistrand and Grouted PT Specialist

New: Program change of workshop and certification designations.

Former "Level 1 Bonded PT - Field Installation" is now "Level 1 Multistrand & Grouted PT Installation"

Former "Level 2 Bonded PT Field Specialist" is now "Level 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Specialist"

This comprehensive 3-day workshop covers the installation of multistrand and bar PT systems, procedures including safety, as well as grout materials, testing, and grouting techniques for multistrand applications. The equipment used for the various steps is also addressed.

Workshop / Certification Requirements

Workshop Type, Duration, and Attendance Prerequisites
Certification Achievable
from this Workshop
Level 1 Requirement
Level 2 Requirement
Exam Score
Field Work
Exam Score
Field Work Experience
Level 1 & 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Specialist
  • - 3 days
  • -  Attendance prerequisites: none
Level 1 Multistrand & Grouted PT Installation
Level 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Specialist
Total 1500 hours of which
  • - Min. 250 in installation inspection, AND
  • - Min. 250 in stressing inspection, AND
  • - Min. 250 in grouting inspection

Scheduled Workshops


Austin, TX

November 20-22, 2019

Location TBA

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