PTI Lifetime Member

A PTI Lifetime Member shall be a person of eminence in the field of post-tensioning, or one who has performed extraordinary meritorious service to the institute.

Selection Procedure

Awarding PTI Lifetime Membership is at the sole discretion of the PTI Executive Committee and shall be made on a very selective basis. A 2/3 majority vote of the PTI Executive Committee shall be required to award PTI Lifetime Member status

Retention of PTI Lifetime Member Status

Recognition of PTI Lifetime Membership is bestowed in perpetuity and is not dependent on retention of any other form of PTI membership.

Current Lifetime Members include:

Bijan Aalami
Kenneth Bondy
Clifford Freyermuth*
Peter Reinhardt
Doug Rohrman
David Swanson*
Miroslav Vejvoda

*Deceased PTI Lifetime Member