Special Request Workshops

All of PTI’s nationally recognized Training and Certification programs can be presented at your location by proven industry experts. Train and certify your employees or other group and eliminate travel-related expenses. We bring the experts to you. Information on the various Training and Certification Workshops for Field Personnel can be found by scrolling down.

Information Flyer / Application

For more information, please contact the PTI certification team at pticertification@post-tensioning.org

Refer to PTI Certification workshop policies here.

Special request workshop invoicing and cancellation policy

  1. For all Special Request Workshops, PTI will issue only one invoice to only one Client and that one Client is responsible for the full payment in order to secure the dates and to issue certifications for all workshop attendees who meet the certification requirements. In case of the Client partnering with another one or more entities, it is their internal business to arrange for their interal invoicing and payments among the partners. If there are additional attendees an additional invoice will be issued to the same one Client who will be responsible for full payment before any certifications are issued.
  2. Most PTI Special Request Workshops are offered in English or Spanish. The client needs to select the workshop language at the time of requesting the workshop. All attendees of an English language workshop must understand, speak and read at least basic English, but they can request Spanish workbooks and exams, at the time of requesting the workshop. If not requested in advance, they will not be available from the instructor at the workshop. For Spanish language workshops, please contact PTI; there might be a longer lead time necessary to set up a Spanish language workshop.
  3. PTI Special Request Workshop schedule is preliminary for the purpose of invoicing that is based on a preliminary number of attendees provided by the Client.
  4. A Special Request Workshop is not scheduled until the invoice is paid in full. Until that time, the schedule is subject to change based on the changing availability of PTI instructors.
  5. The Special Request Workshop invoice must be paid a minimum of 3 weeks before the first day of the workshop.
  6. If the actual number is higher than the preliminary number of workshop attendees, PTI will invoice Client at the time of the workshop for the additional attendees; this invoice must be paid before any certifications are issued. As long as all unused classroom materials and books are returned, PTI will issue a refund at the time of the workshop for the difference in number of attendees.
  7. The payments made for Special Request Workshops cancelled up to 21days before the workshop are refunded less the already incurred expenses by instructors and/or PTI.
  8. For cancellations less than 21 days before the workshop there is no refund, unless the workshop is rescheduled within the same calendar year and the incurred expenses by instructors and/or PTI are paid.
  9. The fee for special request workshops located outside of the conterminous US and Canada will be dependent on the added time and expense for travelling overseas.  Contact PTI for an estimate of additional charges.

2023 Special Request Pricing

Certification Workshop Title
Organizational Member*
Base fee**
Fee per person Base fee
Fee per person
Level 1 Unbonded PT Installation (2 days) $5,250
$6,000 $250
Level 1 & 2 Slab-on-Ground Installer & Inspector (2 days)
Level 1 & 2 Unbonded PT Installer& Inspector (3 days)
$8,250 $240 $9,250 $275
     Level 2 Unbonded PT Installer & Inspector (content from Day 2 & 3 of L 1 & 2 Installer & Inspector) *** (2 days) $5,000 $215
Level 1 & 2 Multistrand and Grouted PT Specialist (3 days)
$11,000 $290
     Level 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector (with L1&2 Multistrand) (1 day)
     Level 2 Multistrand & Grouted PT Inspector (stand alone) (1 day)
Level 1 & 2 Unbonded PT Repair, Rehabilitation, & Strengthening (2 days)

*Final confirmation of numbers of attendees is needed 21 days prior to the workshop date.  Additional attendees may be added up to 3 days prior the workshop date (with additional expedited shipping and handling cost added for materials). 

For Special Request Workshops confirmed (invoice paid) 21-days to 7-days in advance, a $1,000 additional fee will be charged to cover higher transportation costs for the instructor, and logistical issues.  For Special Request Workshops confirmed (invoice paid) less than 7-days in additional the fee will be $1,750.  All outstanding invoices must be paid before the final exams are graded and certification results released.