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The Directory is to be used in the following manner:

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The PTI Certified Personnel Directory is for use only by individuals and agencies to assist in the verification of active certifications held by specific individuals. The Directory may also be used by specifying agencies to determine if certified individuals reside in regions in adequate numbers to support requirements for certification in project specifications. Use of the Directory to locate, contact, and solicit the services of certified individuals or any other commercial or private use is prohibited.

Search Option 1 – Search by ID Number. To verify the certification of an individual, secure directly from the individual their original PTI-issued wallet card displaying the certified individual’s name as it appears in the PTI certified personnel database and their ID Number on the front. Following verification of the information on the wallet card using Search Option 1, verify the identity of the individual by reviewing corroborating government–issued photo identification such as a driver’s license or identification card.
Search Option 2 – Search by Last Name. This option may be used to locate an active certification, however, any apparent search match must be corroborated with the identity of the individual claiming certification. If the individual cannot produce an original wallet card, the individual may obtain a replacement displaying the issued ID Number by contacting the PTI Certification Department; prior to issuing replacement credentials PTI performs an identity check to ensure the credentials are provided to the proper individual. The certification of the individual may then be verified using Search Option 1. Alternatively, the individual or agency verifying the credential may call the PTI Certification Department to speak directly with an PTI Certification representative equipped to assist using alternative search criteria.
Search Option 3 – Search by Program Area. This search option is for Specifiers who wish to verify that certified individuals reside in regions in adequate numbers to support requirements for certification in project specifications. No names of certified individuals are displayed with these search results.

By agreeing to the Terms of Use, the user of the PTI Certified Personnel Directory is agreeing to use the Directory only in the manner stated above, and recognizes that PTI is not responsible for persons using the Directory in the act of misrepresenting their qualifications or the qualifications of others.

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