Technical Session Presentations

The PTI Convention each spring contains a series of technical sessions including research updates, state-of-the-art use of post-tensioning, and fascinating case studies.  The following is a list of confirmed speakers/topics for the 2020 PTI Convention:

"In-Service PT Tendon Assessment Technologies": Dr. Bernhard Elsner, Univ of Cagliari; Dr. Clay Naito, Lehigh Univ.; Reggie Holt, FHWA; Dr. Ueli Angst, ETH Zurich; Adrian Gnagi, Structural Technologies

"Advancements in PT Grouting": Dr. Andrea Schokker, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth; Dr. Max Meyer, Structural Technologies; Dr. Hans Ganz, Ganz Consulting

"Replaceable PT Technologies": Sam Fallaha, FDOT; Reggie Holt, FHWA; Dr. Hans Ganz, Ganz Consulting

"Application of PT Technologies and Round-Table": Reggie Holt, FHWA; Dr. Glen Washer, University of Missouri; Sam Fallaha, FDOT; Kevin Western, MnDOT; Graham Bettis, TxDOT

"Code Outlook 2020": Dr. Andrea Schokker, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth

"Research Update: Dual Banded PT Layout for Two-Way Flat Slabs": Asit Baxi, Baxi Engineering; Jonathan Hirsch, Bentley Systems

"Analysis of the PT Anchorage Zone by the Finite Element Method (FEM)": Fabio Albino De Souza, INAEP

"Engineering PT Structures for Improved Coordination and Construcability": David Loughery, Allplan

"Unbonded Tendon Finishing - Cutting, Capping and Grout Pockets": Larry Krauser, General Technologies, Inc.

"Shark Tower Building - Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico": Eduardo Marin Salazar, ING & PT

"Solutions Impossible Without Post-Tensioning"

"Panel Discussion: Developments in Design and Construction of PT Buildings"

"PTI DC-25 Parking Structures Initiatives": Rashid Ahmed, Walker Consultants

"Concrete Condition Assessment of a Post-Tensioned Parking Garage Structure - A Case Study Using Different NDT Methods": Jason Li and Robert Hendricks, Terracon

"Comal County Jail: A Case Study in Value Engineering Post-Tensioning and Patented Processes": Tony Childress, Childress Engineering Services

"Innovative Methods for Suspended Post-Tensioned Slab Foundations": Chase Gooding, Tella Firma Foundations

"25 Beacon - Value Added Structural Conversion using PT": Srini Neelamegam, CCL

"In-Place Strength Measurement in Post-Tensioned Application Using Maturity Method": Sarah De Carufel, Giatec Scientific, Inc.

"Panel Discussion: PT Parking Structures, Slab-on-Ground, Rehabilitation and Retrofit"

"10 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You (But Should)": Alexander Barthet, The Barthet Firm


Do you have an interesting topic to share with the PT community?

Initial applications for Technical Session Presentations are due December 31 the year prior to the desired PTI Convention. Presentations and Sessions range from 25 minutes to 2 hours.