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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. & FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) last night announced its 2018 PTI TAB, Fellow, and Legends of Post-Tensioning Award recipients during its 2018 PTI Convention Awards Dinner in Minneapolis, Minn. A total of seven awards were given.

2018 TAB Awards
PTI presents TAB Awards to individuals who have made a positive impact on PTI and the post-tensioning industry. This year, three awards were presented.

James R. Cagley Medal for the Most Active Committee Chair
The James R. Cagley Medal is awarded annually for dedication and active leadership as Chair of a Technical Committee. Ben Soule received this award for his effective leadership of DC-45, Cable Stayed Bridge Committee. He is the North American Technical Director at SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies, with 22 years of experience in bridge engineering. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. His areas of expertise include cable-stayed, segmental, and other complex bridge types. He is primarily active on designbuild projects, and enjoys the detailed interaction with owners and construction professionals that stem this type of project delivery. He is the current Chairman of PTI’s Committee on Cable-Stayed Bridges and has been a member of that committee for the last 9 years. He has had significant involvement on several recent steel cable-stayed bridges, including the A25 Bridge in Montreal, the new Goethals Bridge in New York, the Champlain Bridge replacement project in Montreal and the new East End Bridge near Louisville.

Russell L. Price Award for the Most Active Committee Member
The Russell L. Price Award is given annually in recognition of active involvement and contributions to a Technical Committee. David Goodyear received this award for his significant contributions to DC-45, Cable-Stayed Bridge Committee for the past 35 years. He joined the Olympia, WA office of Arvid Grant and Associates in 1980 as a bridge engineer and began his association with PTI in 1983 as AGA’s representative on the newly formed PTI Committee on Cable-Stayed Bridges. David continued PTI Committee work with the ad-hoc committee on Design and Construction for Segmental Concrete Bridges, assembled to deliver the 20-7/32 Guide Specification of the same name in 1988. David formed his own engineering practice of DGES in 1987, which became part of T.Y. Lin International in 1996. David is currently the Chief Bridge Engineer for T.Y. Lin International. While the Segmental Guide Spec was turned over to AASHTO for incorporation into the Code, the PTI Committee on Cable Stayed Bridges has continued under the leadership of PTI as Committee 45 since its founding. David has served on that committee for the past 35 years including 10 years as Chairman. David has led the design of a number of major bridges, including the Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam, the Port Mann Bridge in Vancouver, BC, and the Crooked River, Sellwood and Tilikum Bridges in Oregon. While working for Arvid Grant in Olympia, David was a lead engineer for the East Huntington cable-stayed bridge in West Virginia. David has served as President of the Structural Engineers Association of Washington and has been actively involved in AASHTO Bridge Code committee developments for major bridge design. He is a recipient of the Beavers Organization’s Outstanding Engineering Award for his work in engineering for construction of arch and cable-stayed bridges, is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and is a Fellow of the Post-Tensioning Institute.

Kenneth B. Bondy Award for the Most Meritorious Technical Paper
The Kenneth B. Bondy Award is given annually in recognition of a significant impact of a published paper in the PTI Journal or presented at the PTI Convention. Ralf Leistikow received this award for his paper, “Stressing the Quality of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Single-Strand System Installations,” published in the December 2017 issue of the PTI JOURNAL. He is a Principal at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. in Atlanta, GA. He has been involved in numerous structural investigations, evaluations, and repair designs on low- and highrise buildings, as well as parking, commercial, and underground structures. His work includes the evaluation of post-tensioned, precast, and conventionally reinforced concrete structures; cast-inplace pavements and industrial floors; wood framed and light gauge metal framed structures; structural steel framed structures; pre-engineered buildings and building components; and concrete, brick masonry, stone, stucco, and EIFS wall systems. He is Secretary and a member of ACI Committee 224, Cracking, an associate member of PTI DC-20, Building Design, and PTI DC-80, Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening. He is a licensed professional engineer in multiple states.

2018 Fellow Awards
At the time of nomination, a Fellow shall have been a Member of the Institute for at least 5 years. A Fellow shall have made outstanding contributions to the post-tensioning industry in the areas of education, research, development, design, construction, or management. In addition, a Fellow shall have made significant contributions to PTI through committees and/or other involvement. A Fellow shall retain that membership rank as long as membership in the Institute is maintained.

Joe Harrison, P.Eng, PE, received his BASc in civil engineering from the University of British Columbia. He is a licensed professional engineer in Washington State and British Columbia. He first became a Professional Member of the Post-Tensioning Institute in 1981. He has designed many of the first PT high-rise Residential and office buildings and several bridge projects in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He was recruited from the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA) of BC as the first instructor of the ICBA Ironworker PT training class in 1990 in Vancouver. This led to joining the PTI Committee for Training and Certification of Unbonded Post-Tensioning Installers in 1992. He was hired as a consultant to prepare the first edition of the PTI Unbonded Post-Tensioning Field Personnel Certification course and was retained to be the first instructor of this course in 1999. He has been an active participant in PTI. He served on the PTI Executive Committee for 2001/2002. He was a member of PTI Committees CRT-30, Unbonded Field Certification, and CRT-100 TG-A, Unbonded PT Committee. He is a voting member of PTI Committee M-10, Unbonded Tendon. He is also a member of the PTI M-50 ASBI Bonded Tendon Task Group. He was formerly a voting member of the Unbonded Plant Certification Committee, which developed the current unbonded plant certification program. Harrison has also presented at PTI Convention technical sessions. He was a member of the ASBI Board of Directors for many years. He is currently the Director of Business Development for Johasee Rebar, a division of LMS Reinforcing Steel Group. He represents LMS Post-Tensioning on the PTI Board of Directors.

Since joining STRAND as Vice President in 2003, Tami Spicer has been a driving force in the firm’s growth and development. In 2009, she acquired the firm from the founder, Richard Martter, and as President, has grown the firm to over 140 employees while expanding the firm’s services from exclusively structural engineering to the inclusion of architecture, civil, surveying, sustainability, visualization, and full inspection services. With over 20 years’ experience in the structural engineering consulting field, Tamara has extensive design and management experience in both commercial and single- and multi-family residential design projects located throughout the United States. Project types involve reinforced, post-tensioned, and prestressed concrete, steel, wood, and masonry in seismic and high wind zones. Prior to joining STRAND, Tamara served on active duty in the military as a Battalion Operations Officer for a 673-person heavy construction battalion deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2018 PTI Legends of Post-Tensioning
PTI’s “Legends of Post-Tensioning” honors the members of PTI’s Hall of Fame. These individuals have all made a significant long-term contribution to the development of the post-tensioning industry in North America and were selected from among nominees put forth by the PTI membership. The PTI Hall of Fame was established in 2005 as part of the PTI Awards Program to recognize the pioneers and “superstars” of the post-tensioning industry. The honorees are the first of many deserving individuals who have contributed to the industry’s success. It is planned that additional selections for the Hall of Fame will be made in the future on a biennial basis.

Russell Price started his professional career with a consulting/engineering firm in 1972, where he was first exposed to post-tensioning. He moved from the consulting side to the construction side of the posttensioning business the next year and for the past 44 years has been directly involved in the design, fabrication of materials and construction of both slabon- ground and elevated floors slabs using post-tensioning. He has been with Suncoast since 1991, where he is the Executive Vice President with responsibility for the high-rise building group and the technical activities of the company. Russ has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. He has held positions within PTI, including Past President, Board of Directors, Finance Committee Member, numerous technical committees, and a Fellow. He has been a principal author for several of PTI’s publications. He’s also a member of ACI and the Structural Engineers Association in Texas.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Guido Schwager moved to California shortly after completing his engineering degree; he worked at VSL Corporation for 19 years, including 8 years as CEO. In 1997, Schwager founded Schwager Davis, Inc. (SDI) in San Jose, CA; 21 years later, SDI has grown exponentially and is recognized as a leading specialty contractor. Although Schwager’s projects are diverse, ranging from people mover transit systems to stadium erection, much of Schwager’s career has centered around bridge post-tensioning and stay cable systems. His integrity and expertise have earned him industry-wide recognition: in 2001, he received the Engineering News-Record Award of Excellence and in 2006 the American Segmental Bridge (ASBI) Career Contribution Award. In ASBI’s most recent (2016–2017) review of exemplary projects, six of the eight award-winning bridges featured Schwager’s post-tensioning work. In addition to his work, he looks for ways to improve and advance the post-tensioning industry through communication (such as his 2018 PT repair article in Structure magazine) and leadership (he co-chairs the PTI Committee M-50/ASBI Joint Task Group).


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