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ATLANTA, Ga. & FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. - The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) this month announced its 2017 Project Awards during the 2017 PTI Convention Awards Dinner in Atlanta, Ga.  Thirteen projects were presented with awards, including the coveted Project of the Year Award.

PTI’s 2017 Project of the Year Award was presented to project submitter Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering (BASE) for the submission, The Ritz-Carlton Residences Waikiki Beach, Phase 1, located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This project is a 38-story, 459-unit luxury tower in the center of bustling Waikiki. It was encumbered by height limits, numerous easements, and truck maneuvering areas under the building, and the only way to meet all project requirements was with post-tensioning.

First, most the floors were seven-inch thick post-tensioned slabs to stay within height limits. Second, to meet the goal of optimizing sellable residential area the podium used seventeen post-tensioned transfer girders to transfer tower walls and columns onto a different grid of podium and parking level columns and walls. Third, the ground floor truck maneuvering areas also had constraints that would not allow the podium’s vertical elements over the loading dock to extend down to the foundation level. The solution to this was a two-story, post-tensioned concrete truss spanning 120 feet. Lastly, the penthouse levels were designed with some spectacular large double-story atrium spaces. The atrium openings were achieved by hanging partial floor post-tensioned slabs with steel hanger columns from the roof level. The roof slab not only had to support the loads from the hanging columns, but also the loads from heavy mechanical loads in the center and landscaped rooftop terrace loads on the perimeter. The roof level transfer slab could only be achieved using post-tensioning.

“The PTI 2017 Project of the Year is an excellent example of the advantages of using post-tensioning,” said David Martin, PTI President.  “Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering (BASE) created a beautiful structure that is not only functional but innovative and perfectly illustrates the benefits of post-tensioning in tall buildings.  Without it, this building would have needed to be much taller, much heavier, and much more expensive.  Congratulations to BASE and all the contributors to this project for your outstanding efforts.”

Other contributors on this project included Guerin Glass Architecture, Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc., Suncoast Post-Tension, and Associated Steel Workers, Ltd.

In the Buildings category, the Award of Excellence was presented to Thornton Tomasetti for submitting the project, Kellogg School of Management, located in Evanston, Ill. The most prevalent use of post-tensioning in this project is to support 169 transfer columns that behave like foundations in the air and allow for long spans and cantilevers. The curving nature of the floor plates also called for post-tensioning to accommodate the geometric changes.

Other contributors to this project included KPMB, Power Construction, DYWIDAG Systems International, AEI Affiliated Engineers, Erikkson Engineering, Transsolar, Hoerr Schaudt, HJ Kessler Associates, Tillotson Design Associates, Construction Cost Systems, CM Architects, Threshold, Soberman Engineering, S20, Desman, Brian Ballantyne Specifications, and Cini Little.

The Award of Excellence in the Bridges category was presented to FIGG Bridge Engineers for its submission of Dresbach Bridge over Mississippi River, located in Dresbach, Minn.  This post-tensioned concrete segmental bridge met or exceeded all project constraints, criterion, and goals. The use of post-tensioned segmental concrete enabled the bridge to be built from above and minimized construction impacts to the environment and river users.  Other contributors included Ames Construction and Schwager Davis.

In the Parking Structures Category, project submitter Timothy Haahs & Associates was presented with the Award of Excellence for its project, Miami Design District City View Garage, located in Miami, Fla.  This project achieves long-span, column-free parking modules while keeping the concrete slab thickness and beam depth to a serviceable minimum dimension. This results in a highly efficient parking layout, lighter structural framing, and smaller foundation members. In addition, better visibility and user-friendliness is achieved with slender columns and the absence of solid, obtrusive walls. Other Contributors on this project included KVC Constructors and Suncoast Post-Tension.

The Award of Excellence in the Slab-on-Ground category was given to BBR VT International, Ltd. for submitting the project, James Pascoe Group Distribution Centre, which is located in Auckland, New Zealand.  The floor was constructed as a series of large bay post-tensioned floors, coupled together so that there were only two opening joints located within the twenty-five-thousand-square-meter ground floor. This solution minimized joints, allowed fast construction, and provided a more sustainable solution by reducing concrete volumes. This resulted in an approximate cost reduction of 25 percent overall.

Other contributors on this project included TSE Architects, BGT Structures, James Pascoe Group, BBR Contech, Conslab, Ltd., and Concrete Structures.

In the Industrial/Special Applications category, Tensa America was awarded the Award of Excellence for its project, Manhattan West Platform, located in New York, N.Y.  This project is a 110,000 ft2 segmental post-tensioned platform made of 16 adjacent bridges with a record length of 240 feet. The use of post-tensioning was crucial for this platform to be able to be built over 15 live metro tracks without needing any supports between the tracks.  Post-tensioning has been brought to the highest achievable limit in this project to allow a complete covering of the railway area as required by the client. Other contributors included SOM, McNary Bergeron Associates, Entuitive Corp., and Rizzani de Eccher USA, Ltd.

Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc., received the Award of Excellence in the Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening category for its submission of Dolphin Tower Emergency Repairs and Rehabilitation, located in Sarasota, Fla. In the summer of 2010, a structural engineer confirmed a major failure and incipient collapse of this building, and this fifteen-story condominium structure was immediately evacuated. The design of this project evolved from removal and replacement of the fourth-floor slab and installation of exterior shear walls to installation of post-tensioned drop panels combined with a structural overlay and interior shear walls. This approach resulted in the project being completed on time and with a cost-savings of approximately $3 million.  Other contributors included Morabito Consultants, PTE Systems International, LLC, Karins Engineering Group, and CEMEX.

Six Awards of Merit were also presented to outstanding projects.

In the Buildings category, this award was presented to Leslie E. Robertson Associates for its submission of the Roy & Diana Vagelos Education Center, located in New York, N.Y.  Other contributors on this project included Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Gensler, Sciame Construction, VSL/Structural Technologies, Urban Foundations/Engineering, Difama Concrete, Bethlehem Precast, Jenna Concrete, Raul Herrera, COLE Technologies, Steve Zimmerman, Titan America, STI Construction, Tilcon New York, Roanoke Sand & Gravel Corp., BASF, Euclid Chemicals, DOKA, EDC, CFS Steel, Weidlinger Associates, Cobiax USA, and United Structural Works.

Two Awards of Merit were presented in the Bridges category: the first to FIGG Bridge Engineers for its submission of South Norfolk Jordan Bridge, located in Virginia.  VSL/Structural Technologies was the post-tensioning supplier for this project.  Innova Technologies was the recipient of the second Award of Merit in this category for submitting Metro Line 15 (Silver) Monorail.  Additional contributors on this project were Metrô São Paulo, Planservi, Proenge, Bombardier Transportation, Construtora Queiroz Galvão, OAS Engenharia, Protende Sistemas e Métodos de Construções, Planvia, Setepla, Zamarion e Millen Consultores, ENGETI Consultoria e Engenharia, Condutix-Wampler, and Helser Industries.

An Award of Merit in the Slab-on-Ground category was presented to DSI Canada for its project, Truck Maintenance Facility, located in Elkford, B.C., Canada.  Other contributors on this project included J.R. Spronken & Associates and Graham Construction.

In the Industrial/Special Applications category, Wind Tower Technologies was the recipient of the Award of Merit for its project, Adams Precast Segmental Tower, located in Adams County, Iowa.  Additional contributors to this project were Siemens Wind Energy, Baker Concrete, Schwager Davis, EFCO Forms, Thornton Tomasetti, and International Bridge Technologies.

Finally, the last Award of Merit was awarded to Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc., in the Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening category for its submission, GMBC Daffodil Garage Emergency Repairs & Waterproofing, located in Towson, Md.  Other contributors on this project included Morabito Consultants and DYWIDAG Systems International.

PTI’s Project Awards are presented every two years and recognize excellence in post-tensioning applications.  Structures utilizing post-tensioning as a structural component and that were completed or rehabilitated in the past seven years were eligible.  Entries are judged by a jury of industry professionals and on seven different traits: creativity, innovation, ingenuity, cost-effectiveness, functionality, constructability, and aesthetics.  For the 2017 PTI Project Awards, 39 projects were considered in six categories: Buildings, Bridges, Parking Structures, Slab-on-Ground, Industrial/Special Applications, and Repair, Rehabilitation, and Strengthening.


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