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We’re sharing our PTI Top 10 Products available in both print and digital format – so that you can get the tools you need to stay ahead and keep strengthening your post-tensioning knowledge.

PTI Top 10 Print & Digital Products:

1. Field Procedures Manual for Unbonded Single Strand Tendons

2. Specification for Grouting of PT Structures

3. Specification for Multistrand and Grouted Post-Tensioning

4. Specification for Unbonded Single Strand Tendons

5. Recommendations for Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchors

6. Post-Tensioning Manual, Sixth Edition

7. Standard Requirements for Design and Analysis of Shallow Post-Tensioned Concrete Foundations on Expansive and Stable Soils

8. Design of PT Slabs-on-Ground

9. Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Post-Tensioned Concrete Courts

10. Construction and Maintenance Manual for PT Slab-on-Ground Foundations

PTI produces consensus-based documents covering the design, construction, maintenance, and repair post-tensioned residences, buildings and structures. These documents are the industry standard and strive to educate the public of the industry best practices.

To find more publications and learning resources, visit post-tensioning.org.

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