DC20.9-11: Guide for Design of PT Buildings

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This guide provides basic knowledge about post-tensioning design and construction and is primarily intended for design professionals but also for others involved with the design and construction of post-tensioned concrete buildings. Included is information on typical post-tensioned floor systems, proper design and detailing for constructability and to minimize restrain to shortening due to stiff vertical elements, lateral load considerations, preliminary design tables for estimation of material quantities, structural observation, and field inspection.


Provides knowledge about all aspects of post-tensioning design and construction of concrete buildings designed in accordance with ACI 318 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete

Information in this Guide makes the designer and the project manager confident in having relevant knowledge to design and build better structures

73 pages; 8½ x 11 in. (soft cover)

Published September 2011


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


1.1—Post-tensioned concrete

1.2—Scope and overview

1.3—Notation and definitions

1.4—History of post-tensioning

2.0—Post-tensioned floor systems


2.2—Floor framing systems

2.3—General design considerations

2.4—Durability design

2.5—Design for sustainability

2.6—Prestressed barrier cable systems

3.0—One-way systems

3.1—Considerations for one-way systems

3.2—Design process

3.3—Lateral loads

3.4—Post-tensioning drawings and detailing

4.0—Two-way systems

4.1—General considerations

4.2—Considerations for two-way systems

4.3—Design process

4.4—Lateral load considerations

4.5—Post-tensioning drawings and detailing

5.0—Vertical elements and lateral load considerations


5.2—Restraint of post-tensioned floor systems due to stiff vertical elements


5.4—Lateral load considerations

5.5—Design of columns in post-tensioned frames

6.0—Preliminary design tables


6.2—Preparation of preliminary design tables

6.3—Using preliminary design tables

6.4—Preliminary design tables

6.5—Design examples to illustrate use of preliminary design tables

7.0—Design and construction details and construction procedures


7.2—Structural drawings

7.3—Construction drawings

7.4—Construction procedures

7.5—Special issues

8.0—Structural observation and field personnel certification

8.1—Structural observation of post-tensioned structures

8.2—Field personnel certification


Appendix—General notes and standard details for structural drawings

A.1—Sample general notes

A.2—Standard details


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