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The purpose of the Post Tensioning Institute Ironworker Certification Program is to improve and standardize the knowledge, skill and quality of the union ironworkers placing post- tensioning (PT) systems on PT reinforced concrete construction projects across the United States and Canada.This Program Manual details the requirements and procedures of the program.

IW Manual Cover The full program manual is available for download here.



Exam order forms and online renewal forms are required to be completed for tracking and billing purposes.

Order Form

Exam orders are required a minimum of 10 business days before the exam date. Any exams ordered less than 10 business days before the exam date are subject to extra expedited shipping charges. These charges must be paid prior to exam results being released. 

Language of instruction, exams, and workbooks

The Unbonded PT Ironworker exam is available in Spanish and English. The Multistrand & Grouted PT Ironworker exam is available in English only.


Exam results

All exam results, and if applicable, certification cards and hardhat stickers, will be sent to the local. Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing after received. PTI is unable to release results via phone or email.
Verify Certification: www.post-tensioning.org/verify

Re-take exams

You may re-take any exam in person at your local or at a scheduled PTI location within one year of your initial examination. View our scheduled certification weeks HERE.  Contact your local for details and scheduling. Online re-takes are not available. Two re-takes are allowed within one year.


How do I achieve Level 2 Certification?

If you already have Level 1, you can obtain Level 2 certification in the following ways:

  • If you originally took a Level 1&2 Unbonded PT Ironworker or Level 1&2 Multistrand & Grouted (Bonded) PT Ironworker workshop, and scored higher than 80% on your exam, you can obtain the work experience, submit a work affidavit, and Level 2 certification will be issued. You have up to 4 years from your original certification date to submit the work affidavit. See the links below for the affidavit forms and required hours of field work experience.

Unbonded Field Work Affidavit

MultistrandField Work Affidavit

Certification Renewals

Ironworker PT Certification for Field Personnel is valid for 4 years and can be renewed every 4 years. To renew your certification, click the button below.

Renewal Exam
Order Form
Need a New Certification Card?

If you lost or need a new certification card, please fill out the form:

Certification Card Replacement Form

Find Certified Personnel

You can find current PTI-certified personnel online by visiting this page.