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The PTI JOURNAL is a platform for publishing state of the art research, design, repair, and construction advances of post-tensioned buildings, bridges, slabs-on-ground, rock and soil anchors, and infrastructure with the engineering and construction industry.  Each issue contains technical papers, case studies, industry news, and occasionally discussions, PT treasures, etc.


The PTI JOURNAL, published twice annually, is available by subscription (free to members) on the PTI Store.

Call for Papers

Papers are solicited for the PTI JOURNAL in the general area of post-tensioned concrete and masonry analysis, design and construction. Researchers, contractors, suppliers, architects, and structural engineers are especially encouraged to submit. Acceptable topics include, but are not limited to: buildings, bridges, parking structures, slabs-on-ground, rock and soil anchors, prestressed concrete tanks, including seismic design, external post-tensioning,  and the behavior of any other concrete structures post-tensioned with bonded and/or unbonded tendons (analytical and/or experimental studies).

Requirements: please refer to the PTI JOURNAL Publication Policy (below). For more details and submission deadlines, please contact Miroslav Vejvoda by email: miroslav.vejvoda@post-tensioning.org or by phone at (248) 848-3184.

Publication Policy

The purpose of the PTI JOURNAL Publication Policy is to set minimum standards for the publication of technical and non-technical work related to the post-tensioned concrete industry. Adherence to such minimum standards will ensure both uniformity and quality of published work.  The procedures established in this document are subject to change in the interest of maintaining high standards.

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For more details, submission deadlines, and other information please contact Miroslav Vejvoda by email: miroslav.vejvoda@post-tensioning.org or by phone at  (248) 848-3184.

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Journal Staff


Miroslav Vejvoda, MBA, P.E.

Managing Director, Engineering & Professional Development
Post-Tensioning Institute

Thomas Kang, PhD, PE, FACI, FPTI
Associate Editor

Dept. of Architecture & Architectural Engineering
Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

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PTI JOURNAL December 2012 - Appendix A, Hufnagel & Kang

PTI JOURNAL August 2013 - Appendix A, Martter